DRIP and more Tax options for Dividends now available

At Stock Events we carefully collect and review all of your feedback. That's why we're excited to announce that two of the most wished features are now available. DRIP and more dynamic tax options for dividends.

For dividend investors who want to grow their equity DRIP (or Dividend Reinvestmant Plan) is an important instrument. It allows investors to automatically reinvest their dividends into addional shares or fractional shares of the underlying security. Keeping track of these changes in Stock Events has been tedious so far. For each dividend payout the shares and transactions had to be manually updated. The new DRIP option does all of this for you. At the end of each payout day, Stock Events uses the closing price of the stock to determine the amount of shares to add and adjusts the average price automatically. In case of transactions, a separate dividend transaction will be added.

Dividend tax is also important when it comes to keeping track of your actual dividend returns. Usually dividend payouts are subject to some percentage of tax. Each country has its own rules. That's why it's important to be able to reflect these individual rules in Stock Events. So far it was only possible to add a global tax which applies to all stocks. With the new dividend tax option it's possible to set a different tax for each individual stock.

We hope you like these changes and we're looking forward to more feedback from you.

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