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Stock Events now on Web

Stock Events Web

We're very excited to announce that Stock Events is now available on Web in your browser.

Our app has gained a lot of traction lately, especially for dividend investors all around the world. We love that we can make so many users happy.

A few months back we made a poll to see if you'd like a web version of our app and these were the results:

And overwhelming amount of you wanted a web version for obvious reasons. Using an app to track your investments is nice, because it's possible to view insights from anywhere. It's a different story for managing your investments. It's a tedious process on an app and much easier on your pc.

The Web version is currently in its early stage with many features already available.

Here are some highlights:

  • For you
    View your holdings, dividends, news and events in one screen.
  • Holdings
    See the ups and downs of your portfolio value in real time
  • Dividends
    Gain insights into your dividend income

Some features are missing and most of them will be implemented in the future.

You can find it here:

We look forward to see how you will use the web version. As always - Feel free to contact us and share your feedback.

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Jamie Larson