What is a Portfolio Tracker?

A portfolio tracker helps you keep track of all of your different investments in one place.

A portfolio tracker helps you keep track of all of your different investments in one place.

Understanding Portfolio Trackers

Your portfolio might consist of several different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto and more. Keeping track of all these different types of assets can be challenging. Portfolio trackers help you staying up to date on your investments and provide valuable insights.

You have a few stocks and ETFs at your stock broker and crypto in your crypto wallet. To gain an understanding how much market value all your assets have, you can use a portfolio tracker to enter all of your investments.

Important Functions of Portfolio Trackers

Good portfolio trackers provide a set of functions that help you as an investor.

  • Broad collection of securities
    To be able to track all of your assets in one place, it's important that your portfolio tracker supports many different security types and exchanges. Preferably globally.
  • Insights and analytics
    Good portfolio trackers help you understand your investments. They show give you information about diversification and other insights.
  • Important events
    Helping you keep up with important events such as ex-dividend dates and earnings is also a task good portfolio trackers should do.

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