Economic Events and Calendar Connections

We're happy to introduce not one, but two new features for our latest update of Stock Events. Economic Events and the ability to connect your Stock Events calendar to your personal calendar app from Apple, Google, Microsoft and co.

Economic Events

Economic events such as high inflation rates and rising interest rates have a very big impact on the stock market right now. Our goal at Stock Events is to provide you with the most up to date and relevant data to never miss important events around your investments again. That's why we're very happy to be able to share economic events with you. They are shown like any other event in your event views.

Since there are a lot of economic events, we show only the most important ones such as inflation rate, interest rate, GDP growth and unemployment rates from your country and the US and EU by default. If you want to see more, you can just hop into your settings and activate them.

Economic Events Inflation Rate

Calendar Connections

Most of us use a personal calendar to keep track of personal or business events. You can now integrate your events from Stock Events into your personal calendar app as well. This not only helps you to combine these two views into one, but also gives the ability to use functions of your calendar app as well.

To provide the best possible user experience we added options to only integrate specific or all events. You can choose to connect dividend ex dates, dividend payment date, splits and earnings.

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