Improved Watchlist Management with Sections and more

The watchlist is one of our most central features. The stocks you track dictate which events are shown and the way it's displayed is visible in the Holdings and Dividends view.

That's why we greatly improved the way you can customize your watchlist.


You can now cluster your watchlist into different sections to get a better overview. Watchlist sections are consistent in itself. Meaning whenever you change your way of sorting, the watchlist sections stay the same.

Always wanted to split view your ETFs and stocks? Or view based on cap size? Just create your own sections.

How does it work?

Just long press on one of your stocks to add a section above. Everything underneath will now belong to that section. To change which stocks belong to which section, just drag them out of it.

Better Custom Sort

The ability to create a custom order for your watchlist exists for some time now. Unfortunately the function was not quite as snappy and easy to use as we'd hoped.

Introducing Edit Mode

That's why you can now switch your watchlist into the edit mode. There you can easily drag and delete your stocks and save everything after you're done.

As always, we hope you like this change.